There are not enough words in our beautiful language to fully express the power of the winter Cherish retreat, the lastest of the Wholehearted Gatherings events. It was a true gathering of seekers, open hearts, bruised and tender or full of light and vibrancy to share, souls discovering kin, women holding sacred space for each other, cherishing each other at whatever point of the journey we may be at. The best analogy I can offer: the books from the Choose Your Own Adventure genre that I devoured as a young girl. Cherish offered each participant a fully customized path, full of activities or stillness, group events or one-on-one counseling, art or action, sauna or sleep in, and all paths ended in the Cherish Circle where we celebrated every single sister. It was transformative and I came home feeling powerful, renewed, grounded and part of a community steeped in love.
WHAT A WEEKEND! I can feel the rhythm of my own heartbeat guiding my footsteps like never before. This weekend, I had the honor of sharing my coaching and hypnotherapy services + leading a powerful closing circle at The Wholehearted Gathering, a beautiful wellness retreat in the wilderness for women. We gathered together to remember how to cherish and come home to ourselves. A combination of mind/body/spirit wellness sessions, outdoor activities in the winter wonderland of Northern MN, and plenty of time for connection and rest made for a truly revitalizing experience. I have so much to say about this retreat that I could almost sing it! The energetic webs of community, love, and transformation that we created as a group were truly spectacular. I am deeply inspired by every woman I sat with, knowing pieces of each story to reflect an aspect my own and our own as a collective. Humbled to witness the unearthing of buried truths, resurrection of passion, and reclamation of personal power. It was equal parts tears and laughter. Grounding down and dancing free. Reveling in peaceful stillness and howling at the moon. My dear @ashleighpeltier, thank you so much for including me as a collaborator in your incredible vision. I am overflowing with joy and gratitude to be part of something so magical and am fully looking forward to the retreats that lie ahead! Please DM @ashleighpeltier if you have questions about these seasonal gatherings or interest in attending one in the future!
If you’re looking for a wellness retreat that will nourish and revitalize you at the level of mind, body, and spirit… this is it! Ashleigh does such a masterful job at heart-crafting a  special experience that becomes a container for relaxation, healing, transformation, and community. I had an amazing time connecting with women who gathered for the last retreat and am truly looking forward to attending retreats with TWG in the future!
This was the most amazing experience! We all have things we are working on and towards and to witness everyone stepping into bravely looking at themselves and willing to take steps to heal and grow was humbling to see. It takes courage to be vulnerable. You will not be alone!!! Embark! Live! Love! Mush! I will be back!
My heart is so full after spending the extended weekend with this group of amazing women! Thank you all so much and Ashleigh, we are all so especially grateful to you for putting your Whole Heart and endless energy and love into planning this and leading us through such an inspiring Gathering!!! Your kindness touched so many lives!
Our adventure was so much more than a pleasure, it was a privilege to meet, reconnect, interact, laugh, cry and grow out of our comfort zones with this incredible group of WILD women. You provided an opportunity for each of us, in our own way, to release our spirits and send them soaring like eagles over the frozen lake and through the magical woods. At the same time, they danced and howled with the other women’s spirits as we all experienced the joy and the freedom that is far too often contained in a tidy package within us, waiting for permission to escape.
Upon hearing the “WILD” theme, a little thought bubble popped out over me, ”WILD?! Who, me?!  Oh that little side of me has been in hibernation.” Well, you gave me a chance to shake up the old bear.
Your ideas were treasured, expressed in genuine love, and sprinkled with just the right amount of humor! No one was left out of the circle to feel alone. I saw new connections being formed, new friends offering encouragement and our women freely and joyfully sharing their talents and gifts. You made our mission quite clear- to rest and to be rejuvenated as we return home to our families, friends and responsibilities. Your spirit touched each of us and we all got to take a piece of Ashleigh home in our hearts. Thank goodness we can call upon those happy memories whenever we want to! I am overwhelmed with gratitude  Ashleigh, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you and I love you so much!
This weekend was wonderful!!! It was nourishing and reviving. Thank you Ashleigh and everyone else. It was encouraging to meet so many strong women.
We had an Incredible 4 day trip to the Boundary Waters! What an adventure! I cherish this time together, our friendships and the new doors opening each day. A beautiful weekend of self discovery – to pause and celebrate the journey ahead! Thank you Ashleigh!
My heart is full!  A beautiful retreat of 80+ women this past weekend in the heart of the North woods singing, exploring, dog sledding, yoga-ing, breathing at The Wholehearted Gathering Cherish retreat.  I could not be more grateful to have been one of the providers, coaching women towards greater purpose / well-being and leading an evening candlelit meditation.  When women care for and empower one another we become strong enough to shatter every barrier in our way.
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