September 2020 | Nurture

September 10-13, 2020
YMCA Camp Miller
Sturgeon Lake, MN

Look around you. Look within. Tell me, sister, how deep is your breath? How open are your eyes? Your heart — is it so at peace with its place in your body, with your body’s place in the world, that it shines ease and grace? We gather as equals in our need to be nurtured, supported, safe. To release. Explore. Enter a space set apart, filled with nourishment for our whole, messy, wild, wonderful lives. Accept this invitation to stretch your limits and marvel at the woman you are, what you are capable of. Notice what a treasure this unpredictable story has been, and let it sink in just how loved you are. The rest, reflection, beauty, laughter, and curiosity that greets you is yours. It’s waiting. Come. 

Wholehearted Gatherings are a beautiful, open, free space for you to follow your intuition and explore what you need to fill up according to your own pace and preferences. You will arrive to a feast of options spread before you, an array of services and offerings to fill you up and guide you toward refocusing your life. The following activities are included in your registration fee and available anytime, so you just need to arrive, unplug, and enjoy whatever nourishing and fulfilling activities appeal in the moment. Wholehearted Gatherings are a welcoming place for women of all beliefs and backgrounds.


We have COVID-specific safety measures in place so we can all feel as comfortable as possible together:

  • Large group gatherings are limited, and will take place outside
  • Masks are required indoors shared spaces
  • Smaller group workshops will take place outside wherever possible
  • More time between services for providers to clean their stations
  • Overall capacity will be limited to ensure cabins aren’t full and there are plenty of services for all to space throughout the weekend
  • Meals will be served safely pre-plated (all dietary restrictions accomodated!) and you can take them to eat wherever you like
  • Health Checks administered by camp staff upon arrival (temperatures, and symptom questions)
  • No horses or climbing/high ropes, but sauna, boats and waterfront are open for use!

Furthermore, if you need to back out at the last minute due to COVID concerns, I’ll waive all the normal refund policies and issue refunds and/or move you to a future event.


Rest and reflection

We’ll have the entire camp to ourselves, with dozens of cozy comfy nooks to read, journal, and connect with each other. Piles of art supplies and inspiration, with all the basics plus a handful of seasonal craft ideas to try. Bring something you’ve neglected working on or grab what you like from the pile and play around!

Outdoors and adventure Yes-1024x678
Camp Miller is located on 350 wooded acres, with over a mile of shoreline on beautiful Sturgeon Lake. There are nine miles of trails to explore, whether you choose slow and meditative forest immersion, a trail run, or one of the many on-site mountain bikes. The lake offers swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing, and the boats, paddles, and lifejackets are available to grab and go whenever you like. 

27973002_1625349237578856_8797198251643601691_n.jpgNature Journaling as a Mindfulness Practice
Ashleigh will lead an introduction to the practice of nature journaling, the art of spending mindful time in nature and using what you notice to create, explore, and learn. We will gather for a short discussion followed by a nature walk and journaling time. Watercolors, pens, and paper will be provided for anyone who needs them.

The lovely Sue Nordin will offer three classes throughout the weekend in multiple styles. This will be space to work, play, heal, and explore with something for all experiences and abilities.

Sue has been practicing yoga since 2000 after taking a gentle yoga class. That first class led to a wholehearted exploration of the connection between the mind and body. Sue is passionate about yoga, and is particularly interested in the mental health benefits of the practice. A very physical person, Sue loves a fast paced vinyasa flow class, AND also restorative and gentle classes, as well as meditation. Sue has completed two 200 hour trainings in vinyasa power yoga in 2019 and 2020. Sue has even traveled to Kenya to participate in Africa Yoga Project in February 2020. Besides yoga, Sue enjoys hiking with her dog Juno, raising monarch butterflies, writing letters, reading, and daydreaming.

3 types of classes will be offered:
1) Gentle morning vinyasa that is accessible to anyone who wants to join
2) Evening restorative
3) A faster paced vinyasa flow more appropriate to those with some yoga experience but all are welcome

Finnish saunaSauna
up for a private sauna experience anytime throughout the weekend. We will provide natural and effective disinfecting products for use between each session, so this is a do-not-miss! The sauna is located right on the waterfront, so you can heat up to release, and cool down to rejuvenate, on repeat until you feel your best!

EmotionalReleaseEmotional Release with Chelsea Chung
If emotion isn’t released, it gets trapped in the body and can impact wellbeing. After experiencing traumatic events, animals naturally shake to release tension. However, humans have been conditioned to store and suppress their emotions. Now, more than ever, we need safe and effective ways to experience the full-spectrum of human emotion and allow those emotions to move through us with grace and ease. Chelsea will teach a series of somatic-based emotional release techniques, and together, we will go on an experiential journey to access stuck emotion, witness it, and let it go. What to bring: yoga mat, blanket, pillow(s)

Arise and Shine Meditation with Devon Dennis
36B6C3F0-ECF5-4437-9844-D5E3F136F641Relax your body, clear your mind, open your heart, and nourish your spirit! Join Devon for guided group meditation sessions that will invite you into experience of knowing and loving yourself on a deeper level each day (this offering occurs in the evening on the first night and the mornings on the second and third day)

Forest Bathing with Stacey Degen
It’s not just a walk, it’s not just a hike. It is a guided wilderness experience that engages the 5 senses, awakens the body, mind and spirit and alleviate stress. Join Stacey for a 60-minute journey through the wilderness to experience Shinrin Yoku and nature as a form of medicine. Stacey has 25 years of experience leading people into the woods to regain connection of their inner terrain and outer world, embracing of the concept of more “being” and less “doing” and healing through the natural environment.

IMG_8608Cooking Classes with Damita Miller-Chassen
The incredibly talented Damita is back to teach us some new fun and nourishing recipes to bring back home. In each class, Damita walks you through the entire process. You will enjoy tasty samples of the food during each class and leave with a recipe to keep! Damita is a warm and entertaining teacher and her classes always fill up fast.

Woodfired Pizza
This class is customized around the woodfired pizza you want to learn about, and what you love to eat! We will focus on dough, toppings, sauces, preparation, cooking, and especially eating! We will utilize the beautiful outdoor stone pizza oven during this class.

The woodfired oven class teaches you how to get the most out of your woodfired oven. From wood, to fire and flame management. We will learn how to cook pizzas evenly… to fully cook the pie without burning the top or bottom. You will learn how to place, rotate, cook, bake, remove, pizza in the extra hot oven.

In this outdoor cooking class with Damita Miller-Chasson, you will learn how to transform the humble chickpea into most popular Middle Eastern street foods to the Midwest way of eating: Beet Hummus & Edamame Hummus. With Damita’s expert instruction and 100% vegan, gluten free, and freezer-friendly recipes for creamy homemade hummus enlivened with lemon, and freshly chopped herbs, you will soon be swearing off the store-bought stuff for good! 

Sacred Geometry Drawing Workshop with Chelsea Chung0
Join Chelsea as she leads a time of exploration and creative expression through sacred geometry. Ancient philosophers and modern scientists alike have discovered certain geometric truths about the physical plane, such as the Platonic solids and golden ratio. The flower of life pattern, which has been found across disparate ancient civilizations, is said to contain the keys to these truths and give rise to the building blocks of physical matter. In this workshop, Chelsea will introduce a brief history of sacred geometry and its symbolism, as well as demonstrate how sacred geometry drawing can be used as a form of open-eyed meditation to connect with universal consciousness. Chelsea will hold space and offer guidance as you create your own sacred geometry drawing, using the flower of life template. We’ll close with a sharing circle for anyone who wants to discuss what came through in their work.

WildWomanDanceWild Woman Dance Experience with Chelsea Chung
When is the last time you felt totally embodied and moved your body in the ways it wants to move? We’ll begin with a brief discussion of the Wild Woman archetype and then DANCE together in free-form expression. This is your chance to let it all out—no judgment, no rules! You’ll be lightly guided with movement ideas as the music takes us on a journey, but this is your time to move and express freely.

Introduction to Medical Astrology with Kimberly Galvin
Come dip your toes into the language of astrology as Kimberly provides an introduction to “grammar” of your Divine Blueprint. If you would like your natal chart printed (or emailed to you), please bring your birth details: date, town/city, and exact time. See below for information on individual sessions and groups with Kimberly. This introduction will focus on your personal signatures for vitality and health, according to Renaissance Medicine. 


The following services come at an added fee to enhance your retreat experience. You will pay the providers directly for services, please bring cash/check/card or Venmo. In some cases a waiver is required, which will also be available for your convenience on site.

Brew Your Own Kombucha with Damita Miller-Chassen ($35/person)
“Making kombucha, like any “kitchen project” seems pretty daunting until you actually do it. Once you take the first step and brew your own batch, you won’t believe how simple and easy it is to make your own kombucha and be able to drink it every day of your life! You’ll also wonder why you waited so long to start.” (Sarah Britton)

In this class Damita will take you through the Kombucha brewing process from start to finish, you will leave with the confidence, insight of why this nutritional beverage is so good for the body. Sampling is a must during this class!

  • Damita walks you through the entire process.
  • Leave with a starter kit and recipe.
  • Enjoy the tasty rewards of taking the class!
  • Ask as many questions as you want!

Open Haus PromoFood Spirit: Healing + Thriving in Your Relationship with Food with Nellie Brau @hausofojas ($40/90 mins) 
It’s the revolutionary anti-diet workshop you’ve been longing for! Food Spirit: Healing and Thriving in Your Relationship with Food supports you in breaking free from diet culture and regaining the time, energy, money, and wellbeing it stole from you. You’re over calorie counting, all the diet fads, and spending your days consumed by food analysis, but you’re not sure what to do next. You’re asking yourself: how can I have a nourishing, pleasurable, and peaceful relationship with food? Join Nellie Brau, MA, NBC-HWC, RYT, for a workshop on all things food freedom, body liberation, and wellbeing. You’ll walk away with practical tips to begin eating intuitively and a fresh perspective on your ‘food mindset.’

Everyday Holistic Health with Nellie Brau @hausofojas ($40/90 mins) Self Care as Ritual
n the midst of BIG shifts in 2020, many of us have started to do things differently and take on new perspectives. If you’ve been called to slow down, go inward, and reassess your life through a holistic lens, you’re invited to Everyday Holistic Health. Join Nellie Brau, MA, NBC-HWC, RYT, for a workshop on practical selfcare rituals and mental mindsets that support your resilience in a time of constant ups and downs. You’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of how holistic health can support you on an ongoing basis and how to incorporate this ancient wisdom into your daily routine.

Holistic Health Coaching with Nellie Brau @hausofojas ($100/75 min)
During our holistic health coaching session, we’ll holistically approach your health goals and wellbeing vision through conversation and storytelling. We’ll also leverage reflective exercises based on habit formation science, behavior change research, and Ayurveda. I specialize in supporting you in unearthing internalized diet culture and subsequent relationship with food woes. Our work together is about experiencing peace and pleasure with food through intuitive eating. We’ll also explore how the ‘exhaustion society’ robs us of valuable energy that can be put towards manifesting your wellbeing vision.

Nellie guides you to food freedom, body liberation, and wellbeing through intuitive eating and holistic living. Using Ayurveda as an intuitive tool, Nellie specializes in moving you from ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to unearthing your true self. Nellie’s work is centered on the belief that your wellbeing vision is of radical importance and that we can no longer standby while oppressive structures steal or monetize your fundamental right to feel well. Nellie holds a master’s degree in holistic health, and for over 7 years, has supported thousands of clients as a holistic health coach in both corporate wellness and private practice. Nellie completed her health coach training at the Mayo Clinic before gaining her distinction as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

A63C28E0-E99D-4619-B1C7-A74327785735Private Healing Touch Session with Mary Bauer & Kristine Kieland ($100/40 min)
This nurturing energy therapy uses light touch to clear, energize, and balance your energy field to support your natural ability to heal. Healing Touch works well for reducing anxiety, depression, grief, sleep problems, chronic pain, migraines, sinus pressure, joint, neck, back pain, and boosts the immune system. It is perfect for lessening anxiety or when transitioning into new life situations, and can support you in bringing clarity to your projects and life path.  

Is there a part of your life that’s very difficult? Are you unable to let go of your past? Do you need help to understand and move on from grief, pain, loss? Are you looking to have your mind, body, and soul in agreement? Do you have questions about your relationships, career, or life path, and want some solid answers? Maybe you’ve shifted, but the rest of your world hasn’t so what do you do with that?

Mary and Kristine have teamed up to offer you a unique experience—two intuitive healers who will lovingly support your journey by balancing your energy centers, bring understanding and awareness for your experiences, and clarity for your questions. This is a fast, efficient way to transform what no longer serves you.

Mary is a Consciousness Energy Auditor, and Kristine is a Consciousness Mentor. They both work with all types of traumas and concerns from career questions, to suicidal thoughts. They’vehelped thousands of people create their best lives through session work, events, and books. They can help you shift your awareness and transform energy in your body and mind at a cellular level.

Intuitive Guidance in a Changing World with Mary Bauer & Kristine Kieland ($30/90 min)
Join Mary and Kristine in a group setting to receive loving clarity and guidance as you navigate this changing world and your place in it. In this safe, supportive space we’ll intuitively answer individual questions and talk about what’s most important to you. With our combined abilities, we’ve helped thousands of people understand their life experiences and how to find peace, love, and joy no matter their circumstance. We are here for you.

Passion and Power Circle with Devon Dennis ($30/person for 1 hour)
IMG_8129This circle is for the woman who is ready to get REALLY EXCITED about something again!!!It’s all about envisioning, embodying, and expressing the highest and brightest version of who you came into this world to be and the big, beautiful story that you were meant to live! You deserve to experience deep meaning and fulfillment in a life that you absolutely love. And a life that you love is STILL POSSIBLE, no matter what challenges you are facing in this moment. Join us to ignite the passion and purpose within, and allow those energies to be your guides in designing a new way forward that lights you all the way up!IMG_8121

From Fearful to Fierce Circle with Devon Dennis ($30/person for 1 hour)
Does it feel like fear is keeping you stuck in thought patterns or ways of being that aren’t serving you anymore? This transformational group experience will grant you both a deeper understanding of your fears and greater access to the innate power of your own courage. If fear is in the driver’s seat, you can take back the wheel by slowing down enough to discover where it comes from and what it’s trying to teach you. The idea is not to become fearless but to fear LESS, and bet on yourself MORE! Let’s breathe, move, envision, journal, and discover the way back home to our most courageous selves, together.

0206Visioning for a New Decade with Chelsea Chung ($15/person)
2020 brings in the energy of potent times. Collectively, we are experiencing a shift in consciousness as we reclaim our power, reconnect to the Earth and remember our divine essence. What are you wanting to call into your life in these times of change? How do you envision yourself stepping further into your truth and most authentic expression? We’ll tap into our intuition and let our creative expression flow as we create our own vision board. Vision boards can be a powerful tool in helping us align our energy to that which we wish to manifest in our lives; it serves as a guiding light, connecting us to our dreams.

Explore Your Shadow with Chelsea Chung ($30/person for 2 hours)Shadow
Join Chelsea, a shamanic minister, in sacred space to explore your “shadow,” the unconscious aspects of yourself that play out in your life through projections, triggers and limiting beliefs. You’ll be held in a safe container as we journey to the underworld of your subconscious to shine the light on a shadow aspect that wants to be seen. Our shadow is not separate from us; in fact, our shadow causes pain in our life because we fail to recognize that it is part of who we are–so we must acknowledge and honor it so that we may step further into our wholeness. In this group session, we’ll discuss the concept of shadow, you’ll be guided through a meditation to meet a shadow aspect, and Chelsea will hold space for you as your process your experience.

Disclaimer: Chelsea is not a trained therapist or mental healthcare provider. The “shadow” is a term coined by psychoanalyst Carl Jung and is explored in various psychotherapeutic modalities. The purpose of this session is not to treat or provide medical advice, but rather to create a safe space to introduce the concept of shadow and encourage participants to begin identifying and working with their own shadow aspects.

1:1 Self-Discovery Session with Chelsea Chung ($75/ 1 hour session)
Do you feel the nudge of something calling you to live life in a bigger way? Perhaps you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, but you’re ready to make changes and create a life of meaning and passion. Join Chelsea for a 1:1 session to explore your gifts and vision a new way of moving forward in the world–one that brings you joy, pleasure and freedom. We’ll identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living boldly, and we’ll discuss how to reframe your mindset and build trust with yourself and the universe. There is magic waiting to be discovered!

Astrology Readings with Kimberly Galvin ($90/hour)
If you are interested in going deeper into your astrology chart, sign up for a 60-minute personalized reading with Kimberly. Come prepared with the exact time, date, and town of your birth. Kimberly’s heart-centered approach engages you in a conversation about who you came to be in this world, what gifts you came to offer and what possible challenges you came to embrace, all in hopes of helping you live to your greatest potential. Kimberly also guides you to flower essence remedies to further assist you on your journey to embodying your best, truest self. In her practice, Kimberly integrates Astrology with Massage and Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Herbalism and Flower Essences, Past Life Regression and Guided Meditation, and Kundalini Yoga.

Medical Astrology—The Sun, the Moon and the 6th house with Kimberly Galvin ($35/person)
Come learn about your personal signatures for vitality and health, according to Renaissance Medicine. Come prepared with your birth date, birth place and exact time of birth. Limited to 20 participants, you will receive a copy of your natal chart, and more than likely, a desire to learn even more about astrology.

Astro-Botanical Alchemy—Herbs for the Current and Upcoming Moon Cycle with Kimberly Galvin ($35/person)
Come learn which herbs are specific to these astrological “seasons” and how you can affectively work with the magic of each plant as the moon journeys through its phase. Come prepared with your birth date, birth place and exact time of birth. Limited to 20 participants, you will receive a copy of your natal chart, and more than likely, a desire to learn even more about astrology.


Massage ($120 for 60 minutes) with LutZen Reflections @lutzenreflections

Teri and team from LutZenReflections will be on site all weekend. A wide range of essential oils to choose from provide complementary aromatherapy, added to the massage cream to make for a truly customized individual experience.

Massage Enhancements ($15 each, included in massage time)

Enlighten your Soles

Soothe your aching feet and calves with this pampering foot treatment. Hot towels are applied to soften and warm the feet and legs, Aveda exfoliating scrub applied followed by an energizing Aveda foot crème.

Gitchee Gummee Hot Stone

Lake Superior basalt stones are used as an extension of the therapists hands. The soothing heat from the stones allows deeper penetration of sore muscles without pain or discomfort.

Aveda Mini-Facial

Refresh your face with this Aveda express facial, warm towels, gentle cleanser  hydrating masque, toner and hydrating lotion make this the perfect Zen enhancement.

Hand and Foot Refresher

Soothe your hands and feet with this luxurious enhancement: hot towels are applied to soften and warm the hands and feet with our warm maple brown sugar scrub for exfoliation, cinnamon and nutmeg essential oils warm the skin, while coconut oil moisturizes and hydrates dry skin.

image_123986672Acupuncture ($100 per session, options below)

Stacey Degen is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Women’s Empowerment Specialist and Health Advocate. You will have the opportunity to sign up for one of Stacey’s signature life balancing, health enhancing treatments.

The Aroma-Balance Treatment – 60 minutes

This treatment includes the use of eight essential oils and acupuncture to target stress reduction, immune enhancement, decrease inflammation, create homeostasis and balance the active and subtle energy of the body. This unique combination of therapeutic modalities gives you the opportunity to find a deep connection to the natural flow of vital energy (Qi) of your body. During this 60 -minute treatment you will lie in the face down position and finish with a renewed sense of self and connection with the mind, body and spirit.

Acupuncture and Chakra Balancing Treatment – 60 minutes

There are seven energetic bodies that create our aura and defined the seven chakras of the body. The key to vitality and longevity is the balance of these seven bodies. This treatment uses a blend of modalities to identify and correct areas of imbalance. A unique approach of chakra reading using a pendulum, essential oils, acupuncture and sound therapy will be used to signal the body’s innate sense of healing to occur. This treatment is known to release stagnate energy and blocked emotion. During this 60 -minute treatment you will lie in the face up position and you will leave with a renewed connection of the subtle and dynamic flow of energy throughout your body.

Traditional Acupuncture Treatment – 60 Minutes

Stacey has also trained extensively with one of the country’s leading sports acupuncturists in Boulder, Colorado. With her strong skill and knowledge base on how to treat pain, she will also be offering more traditional acupuncture treatments for muscle-skeletal imbalances. Neck, shoulder, knee and back pain are a few of her specialties. The benefits of this style of treatment are to reduce pain, increase range of motion and blood flow and promote a deeper sense of relaxation and well-being.

Small Group Breathwork with Helen Buron ($25/90 minutes) @helen.buron
70871708_10100352649475864_7053384684369084416_nHelen Buron will offer small group outdoor breathwork sessions throughout the weekend. This active, guided, rhythmic meditation allows us to release the day to day mind and tap into our bodies using the power of the breath to cherish ourselves. Through the inhales and exhales, we viscerally feel where our blocks lie and actively move through them to access the deeper, clearer, centered parts of our being, bringing in more energy, flow, creativity, clarity, and healing. Breathwork is a dynamic and wild journey that brings us back to a restful, grounded space. We’ll begin the small group with a guided grounding meditation and setting intentions for your practice. Then lying down in a nest of blankets, Helen will teach you the breath technique and guide you through the journey with a curated playlist, essential oils, reiki, and affirmations. We’ll end the group with a beautiful savasana rest and singing bowl vibrations.

Reiki with Emily Jo ($90/60 minutes)
fb_img_1577759987310.jpgEmily Jo Fristed is a Reiki Master, Nationally Certified Reiki Educator, Licensed Bodyworker, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Clinical Certified Aromatherapist. She
incorporates her 13 years of professional healing experience into each customized treatment. Reiki sessions include a healing plan integrating stones, crystals, herbal remedies, essential oils, grounding meditations, and more to achieve restorative results. Reiki energy work soothes body, mind, and spirit in the quest for balance and growth.



img_4358.jpgThe menu will focus on wholesome nourishing foods to restore us. We can accommodate a full range of dietary needs including gluten and dairy-free. You can share your needs via the registration form.

All meals are included in your fee, from refreshments Thursday evening through Sunday brunch. Two breakfast options are served daily, both a light “early bird” and a more complete meal later in the morning. Snacks served in the morning and afternoon. Hot and cold beverages are available anytime, day or night.


56EDEBA1-23DC-4E37-BA8F-703B3B59A160.jpgPrivate and semi-private bunk rooms ranging from 2-4 occupants per cabin. If you have a preference on cabin size or location, let Ashleigh know upon registration and we’ll try to accommodate. Camp Miller offers various spaces dedicated to activities, creativity, etc. including a beautiful lodge and dining hall, and plenty of quiet spaces conducive to rest and reflection. Shared bathrooms and shower rooms are recently updated.

— COST —

$395/person — $100 deposit will hold your spot. This includes:

  • 3 nights lodging (Thursday-Sunday)
  • All meals (Thursday after-dinner snack – Sunday brunch)
  • All included programming above

You can register and pay your $100 deposit any time. Wholehearted Gatherings fill up fast and spots will go to those who have paid their deposit.

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