COVID-19 Info

Here’s the most up to date info on our COVID-19 policies and procedures:

  • This is a gathering of women, so you will of course be exposed to other people throughout the event. It is my goal to provide a healing, nurturing, and welcoming space to all as a respite in an increasingly draining and divided world.
  • We encourage, but will not require proof of, COVID-19 vaccination or negative testing in advance of the event.
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms, or receive a positive COVID test in advance of the event, we ask that you stay home. You will receive a full refund.
  • We will provide masks and hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue for use throughout the weekend.
  • We encourage you to take whatever precautions you like to attend comfortably!

On a personal note, I’m one woman just doing my best to hold this space for healing, reflection, and fun. This has been a roller coaster! Know that I’m considering CDC travel guidelines on what’s recommended vs. mandated nationwide. I’ve personally been attending various events, performances, conferences, etc. this year and am comfortable this approach is in line with what I’ve been seeing elsewhere.

I know, because I hear from your guys directly on this, that some of you have very strong feelings regarding the vaccine, etc. both for and against. Given the intent of the gathering, I request a posture of respect and grace toward all fellow attendees — and know that I will work to ensure you will receive it in return.

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