February 2022 | Wonder

February 3-6, 2022
YMCA Camp Menogyn
55 Menogyn Trail, Grand Marais, MN 55604

Wonder at the marvel that has been your story. Everything that brought you here.
Witness the beauty of the forest, the stars, the water, and the laughter of sisters.
Experience complete wholeness, rest, and nourishment so you can create wonder in the path ahead of you.

Wholehearted Gatherings are a beautiful, open, free space for you to follow your intuition and explore what you need to fill up according to your own pace and preferences. You will arrive to a feast of options spread before you, an array of services and offerings to fill you up and guide you toward refocusing your life. The following activities are included in your registration fee and available anytime, so you just need to arrive, unplug, and enjoy whatever nourishing and fulfilling activities appeal in the moment. Wholehearted Gatherings are a welcoming place for women of all beliefs and backgrounds.


DD60B8A2-EB1A-4BA9-9F38-4EC5CE207D21Rest and reflection

We’ll have the entire camp to ourselves, with dozens of cozy comfy nooks to read, journal, and connect with each other. Piles of art supplies and inspiration, with all the basics plus a handful of seasonal craft ideas to try. Bring something you’ve neglected working on or grab what you like from the pile and play around!

Outdoors and adventure

Camp Menogyn is located off the grid in the pristine boundary waters of northern 4C40E7F1-8407-40EB-A4D7-D60E843816C6Minnesota. Endless wilderness to explore, whether you choose to ski or snowshoe, hike the trails, or take a dogsled adventure. Enjoy the wood-fire sauna and take a wild dip in the frozen lake under the stars!

27973002_1625349237578856_8797198251643601691_n.jpgExplore Nature Journaling

Ashleigh will lead an introduction to the practice of nature journaling, the art of spending mindful time in nature and using what you notice to create, explore, and learn. We will gather for a short discussion followed by a nature walk and journaling time. Watercolors, pens, and paper will be provided for anyone who needs them.

Winter Paper Stars

Learn the quiet art of folding and combining tissue paper shapes to create beautiful decorative window stars, snowflakes, and more. Like knitting or coloring, this gentle practice engages the hands so your mind can wander and reflect. It’s a therapeutic activity for all, no skills or experience required. All materials are provided.


Various instructors will teach a range of yoga classes throughout the weekend in multiple styles. Options will include a power vinyasa flow, yoga nidra meditation and yin yoga. This will be space to work, play, heal, and explore with something for all experiences and abilities.

Pilates with Louise Lincoln

The Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen your core, “your body’s powerhouse” using balance, flexibility and strengthening exercises. We always start with the simple, and individuals may choose progress from there. Wether you enjoy simple stretching, or the more physically demanding, everyone feels great afterwards. You’ll find a balance between fun and hard work with Louise!

Healing Gardens with Jenny Cunningham of Brees Farm Herbs

Taking the Mystery out of Starting Your Own Healing Gardens
Have you dreamed of starting your own vegetable or herbal garden? With the overwhelming amount of information out there, it’s easy to get in over your head. Jenny will share her passion and experience with gardening and herbalism in a workshop that will leave you with deeper knowledge of how to grow and use the healing properties of the world around you.

Personalized Garden Consultations ($20/30min)
Jenny will work with you one-on-one to talk about how to create a wellness garden in YOUR space. She will lead you through a discussion to help her understand the area you are working with and help you come up with a plan to meet your goals. Choose to discuss your individual intent or pick from one of 3 pre-curated garden plans, discussing how to make it work best in your own space back home. 

  • Vegetable and herb gardens
  • Healing gardens with medicinal plants
  • Moon garden – using white and silver plants to create a garden best enjoyed at night

Song Circles with Sarina Partridge

Sarina Partridge is a musician, song-leader and educator in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She feels most alive when learning, creating and sharing songs. Sarina performs, teaches, and tours with a wide variety of music projects – place-based music inspired by time in the wilderness, Eastern European and Yiddish song, old-time music, community song-leading… and everything in between. She has a passion for connecting people with their own creativity and with community.

Sarina will hold four song-circles throughout the Gathering, each centered on a theme: Open, Wild, Present, Whole. Come to one song circle, or join for all! Sarina will teach all songs – mostly her own simple harmony songs – by ear (no sheet music) and all voices, all levels of ease with singing, are truly welcome. We are ALL built to sing!

Arise and Shine Meditations with Spiritual Coach and Celebrant Devon Brazil

Arise and shine! Show up for yourself and relax into a beautiful guided meditation journey that will help you to drop into your body, honor your path, deepen your healing, and spark your joy. Please bring a yoga mat, cushion, journal, and water bottle with you to this session if you have them.

Bread & Wine 

You are invited into a time of gently guided reflection over the ways God is showing up for you in your life right now. How are you being guided, where are you being led, in what ways is the Spirit moving to show you love and partnership and grace? We will spend some time in simple meditation, journaling, and prayer, noticing God’s tangible and active presence in our lives, then use the space held in for us to share and connect over our stories, encouraging each other and lifting each other up. We’ll do it all over a communion of fresh baked bread and wine (or tea of your choice!)


The following services come at an added fee to enhance your retreat experience. You will pay the providers directly for services, please bring cash/check/card or Venmo. In some cases a waiver is required, which will also be available for your convenience on site.


Massage Services from The Well 
(see options below)

The Signature Massage (60 min, $120)

Includes hot rocks, hot towels, and aromatherapy can be a full body or a focused area. This traditional massage is customizable to meet your specific needs. With pressure ranging from light to firm, it will soothe and relax the body improving circulation, relieving tension and eliminating muscle fatigue.

The Invigorating Signature (60 min, $140)

Includes everything in the signature while incorporating dry brushing. The gentle strokes of enhanced lymphatic circulation immediately calms the nervous system, and destresses the body. The lymphatic system is the body’s filtration mechanism that provides many critical functions. The lymphatic network manages the fluid levels in tissues, removes waste and toxins, and brings nutrients and antibodies to our cells. You will also be able to keep your dry brush after your session.

The Stress Away (60 min, $130) massage of face (if choosing the facial) neck, arms, hands, calfs, and feet.

Includes a foot soak, and hot towels with aromatherapy with a cup of our in house mixed loose leaf tea. Options of choosing either, the foot scrub and mud OR facial.

Our foot scrub and mud will begin with a foot soak then, an exfoliating sugar scrub followed by a detoxifying mud mask for your feet. We seal the process with a deep honey based. moisturizer.

Our facial will start out with a hot towel, to open pores. Then we will use our in house made toner to remove any oils and dirt, before applying our rose clay. This amazing clay helps removes dirt and oil from pores gently without stripping the skin. This can help pores appear smaller. Contains silica to boost skin cell regeneration and elasticity. Brightens skin by gently exfoliating to remove dead skin cells. Includes copper to promote collagen and elastin production, improving skin tone. Balances oils and sebum production. Improves circulation. We will finish with our in house made Franky Face moisturizer that is sure to make you glow and feel amazing.

The Ultimate Stress Away (60 min, $140)
This is sure to make you melt in to ultimate relaxation. Combining both our foot scrub and mud and facial with an massage of face neck, shoulders, arms, hands, calfs, and feet. While enjoy our in house mixed loose leaf tea. Making you feel unraveled and at peace.

Thai Yoga Bodywork & Reiki Services From Sara Hansen

Sara is a 200-hour trained yoga teacher (Hatha, Bhakti, Yin, Vinyasa), certified at Suan Sati Yoga Retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She has been traveling around SE Asia and Central America on and off since 2018, working as a freelancer, training, volunteering, and teaching yoga. She feels most lit up when in mindful communities, sharing her favorite modalities, in song circles, and in engaged in meaningful conversation! This year, Sara has focused her studies in Reiki energy work and Thai Yoga Bodywork, and is overjoyed to share what these practices have to offer.

Thai Yoga Bodywork (Nuat Phaen Boran Thai, Traditional Thai Massage) is an ancient energy-based healing system that combines acupressure, reflexology, and assisted yoga postures. Among its many names, Thai Bodywork is sometimes referred to as, “Lazy Man/Woman’s Yoga”, as receivers enjoy the benefits of a stretching and stabilizing yoga class, with minimal effort. Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions, and the receiver remains fully clothed in whatever comfortable, loose-fitting clothing they prefer.

Thai Yoga Bodywork (60 min, $100)
Includes therapeutic stretching, range-of-motion exercises, joint mobilization, muscle massage, rhythmic palming/thumbing techniques, and guided breathwork techniques, Thai Yoga Bodywork sessions are customizable to your specific needs. This practice is excellent for beginner and advanced yogis alike.

Thai Yoga Bodywork (90 min, $120)
Includes all the elements of a 60 minute session, with additional postures/stretches, energy reading, and meditation.

Reiki Energy Healing (30 min, $50)
Reiki is spiritually-guided life force energy used to heal the body, mind, and spirit. All things are made of energy, and Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle form of directing energy flow to promote balance and release blockages that cause physical dis-ease.

Small Group Breathwork with Helen Buron ($25/75 minutes) @helen.buron

Helen Buron will offer small group breathwork sessions throughout the weekend. This active, guided, rhythmic meditation allows us to release the day to day mind and tap into our bodies using the power of the breath to cherish ourselves. Through the inhales and exhales, we viscerally feel where our blocks lie and actively move through them to access the deeper, clearer, centered parts of our being, bringing in more energy, flow, creativity, clarity, and healing. Breathwork is a dynamic and wild journey that brings us back to a restful, grounded space. We’ll begin the small group with a guided grounding meditation and setting intentions for your practice. Then lying down in a nest of blankets, Helen will teach you the breath technique and guide you through the journey with a curated playlist, essential oils, reiki, and affirmations. We’ll end the group with a beautiful savasana rest and singing bowl vibrations.


Burnout to Bliss: Stress Less and Live Vibrantly by Unearthing the Source of Your Wellbeing with Nellie Brau @hausofojas ($40/90 min) 

There’s more to life than productivity, the ‘hustle,’ and achievement-at-all-costs. A lot more. If you’re exhausted from constant busyness, chaos, being tired all the time, and oh, all the stressors that come with surviving a global pandemic, it’s time to recognize your burnout and learn how radical rest can help you feel better, today and beyond. Begin to live a life in which nourishing all parts of you is the necessary work in unlocking your energy reserves.

Food is Your Birthright: Ditch Diets and Reclaim Pleasure + Peace with Eating (and change your life) with Nellie Brau @hausofojas ($40/90 min)

Exit the exhausting, oppressive cycle of diets and embrace an easy and joy-filled relationship with food. Through the transformative wisdom of intuitive eating, you’ll explore the cultural roots and motivations of the diet industry and discover it has nothing to do with health. Uncover the power of your body as the ultimate guide to nutrition and your wellbeing.

Ayurvedic Wisdom with Nellie Brau @hausofojas ($40/90 min)

Ayurveda, a holistic lifestyle science, is an opportunity to learn about yourself through the lens of your individual biology, or “dosha.” Your dosha supports you in understanding your body’s cues and messages, which ultimately creates a stronger relationship between you and your body. In a society that does little to promote easy relationships between food, eating, and body, Ayurveda is a helpful resource in your intuition toolkit.

BRAVHER Soul Sessions with Spiritual Coach and Celebrant Devon Brazil ($90 for 60 minutes)

This is a private spiritual healing session for the soul where we will utilize powerful tools such as prayer/affirmation, guided imagery, EFT tapping, drumming, cleansing smoke, life coaching, feather fans, crystals, oracle cards, vocal toning, somatic release, and more to move to stagnant energy and help you break through in an area where you’re feeling stuck – the tools selected for each session will be different and catered to your specific needs. You will leave this session with new rituals to support your healing process while feeling clearer, braver, and more aligned with your soul. Please bring a journal and a water bottle to your session.

BRAVHER Soul Circles with Spiritual Coach and Celebrant Devon Brazil ($40 heart donation for 60 minutes – pay what you can/free admission available for those in need)

Join us for a community healing circle that will invite you to explore and express fear, anger, sadness, grief, joy or any other truth that wants to be released through you during our group ritual and ceremony. This is a powerful experience that will include guided imagery, journaling, art therapy, affirmations, oracle cards, life coaching, deep sharing from the heart, and more. This is a beautiful place to come and honor your journey and spark a brave vision of what’s possible in the year ahead of you. Please bring a journal and a water bottle to this circle.


img_4358.jpgThe menu will focus on wholesome nourishing foods to restore us. We can accommodate a full range of dietary needs including gluten and dairy-free. You can share your needs via the registration form.

All meals are included in your fee, from refreshments Thursday evening through Sunday brunch. Two breakfast options are served daily, both a light “early bird” and a more complete meal later in the morning. Snacks served in the morning and afternoon. Hot and cold beverages are available anytime, day or night.


56EDEBA1-23DC-4E37-BA8F-703B3B59A160.jpgShared bunk rooms ranging from 8-12 beds per cabin or room. If you have a preference on cabin size or location, let Ashleigh know upon registration and we’ll try to accommodate. Camp Menogyn offers various spaces dedicated to activities, creativity, etc. including a beautiful lodge and dining hall, and plenty of quiet spaces conducive to rest and reflection. Shared bathrooms and shower rooms are recently updated.

— COST —

$395/person — $100 deposit will hold your spot. This includes:

  • 3 nights lodging (Thursday-Sunday)
  • All meals (Thursday after-dinner snack – Sunday brunch)
  • All included programming above

You can register and pay your $100 deposit any time. Wholehearted Gatherings fill up fast and spots will go to those who have paid their deposit. Payment in full is due by January 1, 2022.


Round-trip coach transportation may be available from the Twin Cities pending demand. Please indicate interest on the registration form

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