February 2022 | Wonder

February 3-6, 2022
YMCA Camp Menogyn
55 Menogyn Trail, Grand Marais, MN 55604

Wonder at the marvel that has been your story. Everything that brought you here.
Witness the beauty of the forest, the stars, the water, and the laughter of sisters.
Experience complete wholeness, rest, and nourishment so you can create wonder in the path ahead of you.

Wholehearted Gatherings are a beautiful, open, free space for you to follow your intuition and explore what you need to fill up according to your own pace and preferences. You will arrive to a feast of options spread before you, an array of services and offerings to fill you up and guide you toward refocusing your life. The following activities are included in your registration fee and available anytime, so you just need to arrive, unplug, and enjoy whatever nourishing and fulfilling activities appeal in the moment. Wholehearted Gatherings are a welcoming place for women of all beliefs and backgrounds.


DD60B8A2-EB1A-4BA9-9F38-4EC5CE207D21Rest and reflection
We’ll have the entire camp to ourselves, with dozens of cozy comfy nooks to read, journal, and connect with each other. Piles of art supplies and inspiration, with all the basics plus a handful of seasonal craft ideas to try. Bring something you’ve neglected working on or grab what you like from the pile and play around!

Outdoors and adventure
Camp Menogyn is located off the grid in the pristine boundary waters of northern 4C40E7F1-8407-40EB-A4D7-D60E843816C6Minnesota. Endless wilderness to explore, whether you choose to ski or snowshoe, hike the trails, or take a dogsled adventure. Enjoy the wood-fire sauna and take a wild dip in the frozen lake under the stars!

27973002_1625349237578856_8797198251643601691_n.jpgIntroduction to Nature Journaling
Ashleigh will lead an introduction to the practice of nature journaling, the art of spending mindful time in nature and using what you notice to create, explore, and learn. We will gather for a short discussion followed by a nature walk and journaling time. Watercolors, pens, and paper will be provided for anyone who needs them.

Various instructors will teach a range of yoga classes throughout the weekend in multiple styles. Options will include a power vinyasa flow, yoga nidra meditation and yin yoga. This will be space to work, play, heal, and explore with something for all experiences and abilities.

Winter Forest Bathing
It’s not just a walk, it’s not just a hike. It is a guided wilderness experience that engages the 5 senses, awakens the body, mind and spirit and alleviate stress. Join Stacey for a 60-minute journey through the wilderness to experience Shinrin Yoku and nature as a form of medicine. Stacey has 25 years of experience leading people into the woods to regain connection of their inner terrain and outer world, embracing of the concept of more “being” and less “doing” and healing through the natural environment.

Healing Herbalism with Jenny Cunningham
Jenny will share her passion and experience with herbalism in a workshop that will leave you with deeper knowledge of the healing properties of the world around you. She will share her expertise with a discussion of winter remedies and a demonstrate how to make your own calendula hand salve, a Wholehearted favorite you will absolutely love. Jenny will also have an assortment of lovingly crafted teas and skin care for sale as well.

unnamedGuided Meditations with Kate Nelson @katenelson_coaching
Kate will lead several guided meditations during the retreat. These 30-minute meditations are open and encouraged for all skill levels. Bring a blanket or pillow, if you choose, to make yourself incredibly comfortable. Take advantage of the healing power of restorative yoga and meditation by participating in a meditation (or several!)


The following services come at an added fee to enhance your retreat experience. You will pay the providers directly for services, please bring cash/check/card or Venmo. In some cases a waiver is required, which will also be available for your convenience on site.


Massage ($120 for 60 minutes) with LutZen Reflections @lutzenreflections

Teri and team from LutZenReflections will be on site all weekend. A wide range of essential oils to choose from provide complementary aromatherapy, added to the massage cream to make for a truly customized individual experience.

Massage Enhancements ($15 each, included in massage time)

Enlighten your Soles

Soothe your aching feet and calves with this pampering foot treatment. Hot towels are applied to soften and warm the feet and legs, Aveda exfoliating scrub applied followed by an energizing Aveda foot crème.

Gitchee Gummee Hot Stone

Lake Superior basalt stones are used as an extension of the therapists hands. The soothing heat from the stones allows deeper penetration of sore muscles without pain or discomfort.

Aveda Mini-Facial

Refresh your face with this Aveda express facial, warm towels, gentle cleanser  hydrating masque, toner and hydrating lotion make this the perfect Zen enhancement.

Hand and Foot Refresher

Soothe your hands and feet with this luxurious enhancement: hot towels are applied to soften and warm the hands and feet with our warm maple brown sugar scrub for exfoliation, cinnamon and nutmeg essential oils warm the skin, while coconut oil moisturizes and hydrates dry skin.

image_123986672Acupuncture ($100 per session, options below)

Stacey Degen is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Women’s Empowerment Specialist and Health Advocate. You will have the opportunity to sign up for one of Stacey’s signature life balancing, health enhancing treatments.

The Aroma-Balance Treatment – 60 minutes

This treatment includes the use of eight essential oils and acupuncture to target stress reduction, immune enhancement, decrease inflammation, create homeostasis and balance the active and subtle energy of the body. This unique combination of therapeutic modalities gives you the opportunity to find a deep connection to the natural flow of vital energy (Qi) of your body. During this 60 -minute treatment you will lie in the face down position and finish with a renewed sense of self and connection with the mind, body and spirit.

Acupuncture and Chakra Balancing Treatment – 60 minutes

There are seven energetic bodies that create our aura and defined the seven chakras of the body. The key to vitality and longevity is the balance of these seven bodies. This treatment uses a blend of modalities to identify and correct areas of imbalance. A unique approach of chakra reading using a pendulum, essential oils, acupuncture and sound therapy will be used to signal the body’s innate sense of healing to occur. This treatment is known to release stagnate energy and blocked emotion. During this 60 -minute treatment you will lie in the face up position and you will leave with a renewed connection of the subtle and dynamic flow of energy throughout your body.

Traditional Acupuncture Treatment – 60 Minutes

Stacey has also trained extensively with one of the country’s leading sports acupuncturists in Boulder, Colorado. With her strong skill and knowledge base on how to treat pain, she will also be offering more traditional acupuncture treatments for muscle-skeletal imbalances. Neck, shoulder, knee and back pain are a few of her specialties. The benefits of this style of treatment are to reduce pain, increase range of motion and blood flow and promote a deeper sense of relaxation and well-being.

Ultimate Chill Out – 60 minutes

This unique treatment combination of Auricular Acupuncture, Foot Reflexology and Fire

Cupping has a lot of pack for the punch. Auricular Acupuncture is gaining popularity all over the world for its powerful and lasting impact on reducing stress and increasing mental clarity by simply placing 5 small acupuncture in the ears. Identifying the tiny points in the feet that are tight and tender reveals so much information about all the bodies functions, using pressure points to free up this stagnation will create a free flow of energy throughout the body. Fire cupping has been used for thousands of years to pull apart tight muscle bands, bring blood and energy flow, and soften troubles spots that never seem to give. This dynamic trio will leave you blissed out and either ready for your next adventure or a nap!

Small Group Breathwork with Helen Buron ($25/75 minutes) @helen.buron
70871708_10100352649475864_7053384684369084416_nHelen Buron will offer small group breathwork sessions throughout the weekend. This active, guided, rhythmic meditation allows us to release the day to day mind and tap into our bodies using the power of the breath to cherish ourselves. Through the inhales and exhales, we viscerally feel where our blocks lie and actively move through them to access the deeper, clearer, centered parts of our being, bringing in more energy, flow, creativity, clarity, and healing. Breathwork is a dynamic and wild journey that brings us back to a restful, grounded space. We’ll begin the small group with a guided grounding meditation and setting intentions for your practice. Then lying down in a nest of blankets, Helen will teach you the breath technique and guide you through the journey with a curated playlist, essential oils, reiki, and affirmations. We’ll end the group with a beautiful savasana rest and singing bowl vibrations.


Group Coaching Circles with Kate Nelson ($40/90 min, options below) @katenelson_coaching

Kate Nelson is a restorative yoga teacher and ICF-certified coach but she is also a full-time corporate employee, a wife, and a mama to a blended family of three. She understands what it’s like to be juggling too many priorities, holding unreasonable expectations of perfection and never finding time to replenish your own energy. She is committed to helping women reconnect with their one precious life.

Kate will lead two coaching circles: sign-up for one or both, it’s up to you! Both sessions will incorporate restorative yoga, visual journaling, rich dialog and time for reflection. And because Kate is hygge-obsessed in every aspect of her life (bring on the cozy blankets and fluffy socks!), you’ll experience this passion for coziness and connection in all of her offerings. Expect to walk away feeling supported and renewed!

Renewing Your Energy – 90 minutes
Women are the multi-taskers of this world and are many times lacking self-care and renewal routines. In this session you will learn the foundations of energy as well as simple techniques to renew your mental, emotional and physical energy. As a part of the workshop, you will receive an energy self-assessment and several restorative / exploratory tools to build back your energy reserves.

Connecting to Your Creative Self – 90 minutes

Women, and especially mothers, are constantly considering the needs of everyone else; which means we are many times left disconnected from our sense of wonder and play. In this session you will be given space to re-connect with your creative self and to explore wholehearted wonder with curiosity and courage. You will learn several powerful techniques to re-engage your creative self and honor the important role she plays in your life.

Open Haus PromoFood Spirit: Healing + Thriving in Your Relationship with Food with Nellie Brau @hausofojas ($40/2 hours) 
We are inundated with information on food, diet, and how you “should” eat. Not only do we feel confused while dissecting the latest food trends, but we internalize “good and bad” foods, and as a result, become ‘good or bad’ because of what we eat. That’s bogus! During Food Spirit: Healing + Thriving in Your Relationship with Food, we’ll talk about the problematic effects of diet culture. Rule-based approaches and dramatic overhauls to our way of eating fail time and time again, so we’ll get real about creating a pleasurable, sustainable, and peaceful relationship with food.

We’ll also explore exercises that support you in tuning into your body’s natural cues to eat intuitively. Food is not just physical sustenance, or “fuel.” We eat based on social, emotional, and cultural needs and all of these reasons are valid. Our goal will be to cultivate a sense of empowerment, intuition, and nourishment around food. Plus, our workshop will support you in understanding the intimate link between the food we eat and our planet. Loving your food cultivates love for the Earth. You’ll walk away with tips and ideas to get started, or continue, your journey to food freedom.

Ayurvedic Wisdom with Nellie Brau @hausofojas ($40/2 hours) Self Care as Ritual
Ayurveda is a holistic lifestyle science that originated in India. Ayurveda offers a unique view into daily life through three bodily constitutions, or “doshas.” During the Ayurvedic Wisdom workshop, you’ll discover your doshic make-up and explore how it can help you begin to understand what foods, exercises, and daily rhythms resonate best with you. Exploring your dosha through Ayurveda is also a way to transcend the overwhelming (and often contradictory) health information in the media. Ayurveda allows you to tap into your individual biology by leveraging your body’s cues and intuition to guide your lifestyle choices. Instead of following one-size-fits-all recommendations, you’ll feel refreshed and empowered in making health choices according to your individual, doshic
needs. Today, most of us have something that needs balancing, and Ayurveda offers simple ways to meet your unique needs.

Soul Circles with Devon Dennis ($40/person)DevonBelong
Get ready, sister, because we’re going deep. Devon will invite you to explore, express, and honor grief, sadness, anger, fear, and other elements through group ritual and ceremony. Devon has walked her own path of grief over and over, and holds this space with a tenderness and beauty you just have to experience for yourself. 

Astrology Readings with Kimberly Galvin ($90/hour)
If you are interested in going deeper into your astrology chart, sign up for a 60-minute personalized reading with Kimberly. Come prepared with the exact time, date, and town of your birth. Kimberly’s heart-centered approach engages you in a conversation about who you came to be in this world, what gifts you came to offer and what possible challenges you came to embrace, all in hopes of helping you live to your greatest potential. Kimberly also guides you to flower essence remedies to further assist you on your journey to embodying your best, truest self. In her practice, Kimberly integrates Astrology with Massage and Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Herbalism and Flower Essences, Past Life Regression and Guided Meditation, and Kundalini Yoga.


img_4358.jpgThe menu will focus on wholesome nourishing foods to restore us. We can accommodate a full range of dietary needs including gluten and dairy-free. You can share your needs via the registration form.

All meals are included in your fee, from refreshments Thursday evening through Sunday brunch. Two breakfast options are served daily, both a light “early bird” and a more complete meal later in the morning. Snacks served in the morning and afternoon. Hot and cold beverages are available anytime, day or night.


56EDEBA1-23DC-4E37-BA8F-703B3B59A160.jpgShared bunk rooms ranging from 8-12 beds per cabin or room. If you have a preference on cabin size or location, let Ashleigh know upon registration and we’ll try to accommodate. Camp Menogyn offers various spaces dedicated to activities, creativity, etc. including a beautiful lodge and dining hall, and plenty of quiet spaces conducive to rest and reflection. Shared bathrooms and shower rooms are recently updated.

— COST —

$395/person — $100 deposit will hold your spot. This includes:

  • 3 nights lodging (Thursday-Sunday)
  • All meals (Thursday after-dinner snack – Sunday brunch)
  • All included programming above

You can register and pay your $100 deposit any time. Wholehearted Gatherings fill up fast and spots will go to those who have paid their deposit. Payment in full is due by January 1, 2022.


Round-trip coach transportation may be available from the Twin Cities pending demand. Please indicate interest on the registration form