Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions, lodging preferences, etc?
Absolutely. When you register for a Wholehearted Gathering you have an opportunity to share your preferences and I can ensure they’re accounted for in planning.
Wholehearted Gatherings generally offer wholesome, nourishing, mostly vegetarian menu options. We work with the retreat centers to design an overall menu that will work for the crowd with plenty of options offered separately for those with food allergies or specific preferences.
In order to keep prices low, dial up the adventure opportunities, and accommodate everyone who wants to come, we tend to rent out camp facilities with shared lodging options. There may be bunk houses with 8-12 beds in each or semi-private rooms with 3-4 beds in each. If you prefer a more private stay, you can let me know at booking and I’ll find a spot for you — but ask someone who’s joined us in the past, the sisterhood and laughter found in the bunk rooms can hardly be contained!
I have an idea for a future event location, programming option, etc. Can I contribute to Wholehearted Gatherings in that way?
Yes yes yes! Please contact me with your ideas and I would love to work with you to bring them to life. We’ve had attendees offer to teach our yoga classes, share guided meditations, bring stacks of books, magazines, and art supplies for the pile, and more. Wholehearted Gatherings are special because of what we all bring to the table. Feel free to reach out if you want to formally contribute, or just bring your magic to the weekend and let it shine!
I want to come but can’t make the whole weekend work with my schedule. Are there options for me?
We are big believers in the power of unplugging for a couple days, even if it’s just once a year — but I completely understand how hard that can be to prioritize. If you’re interested in coming for just a portion of the weekend, please contact me and we can discuss rates and options. There’s value in retreating even for a little while!
I want to join as a partner or provider.

I’m always seeking healers, yoga and fitness instructors, coaches, therapists, artists, speakers, writers, and other creative leaders to show up and serve women doing what they do best without worrying about the details. I’m always building my bench of humble, incredible providers to participate in Wholehearted Gatherings, so if you’re in the business of healing, supporting, nourishing or encouraging women please contact me and let’s see if there’s a fit for you!

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